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Swank Skin Shine Herbal


Its a pure herbal product

swank skin shine Herbal product

Swank Skin Shine Herbal :

In this busy world, people worried about skin problems by using multi-chemical products based on chemicals irritation to cause several different kinds of skin problems. Everyone wants to look great and healthy skin permanently, there is some best remedy in Herbal to glowing skin permanently and instantly Herbal products are Here Swank skin shine herbal product to help the best results. Swank skin shine herbal

swank skin shine Herbal  products :

  1. Herbal bath powder

  2. Face & body scrub

1. Swank  skin shine Herbal bath powder:


How to apply:

How to Apply

swank skin shine herbal bath powder

More people think about ghee is so oily, it contains fat to your body. Don’t negative thinking about ghee because it has more vitamins and rich with antioxidants to removes dust particles immediately and make your skin shining and softness.

Apply to pimple face:

For suppose who worried about pimples don’t rub face just apply and leave it 5 mins after wash your face.

Apply to normal face :

above we mentioned in the image to follow it.

price: 200rs and delivery charges(50rs)

Quantity: 500 grams.

2. swank skin shine scrub:

How to apply :

The first thing you need to do is wash your face with cold water. Drink plenty of water after do massage to aid your body in removing waste.
Take 1 spoon or 2 spoons swank scrub apply to face and massage in a circular motion softly take 3 drops of water in the processing. After clean your face with cold or normal water. After the message, Don’t apply soap up to 4 hrs. For more glowing the better suggestion is scrub apply before going to bed. Scrub apply to face twice in a week for better result thrice in a week.
Swank Skin Shine Herbal

swank skin shine herbal product

using facial scrub can make your skin beautiful
  1. It glowing immediately. And remove dust
  2. Youthful
  3. skin softness
Price: 400 rs +Delivery charges
Quantity: 250 ml bottle





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