Pranayama – Extending Your Breath In Many Ways

breathing exercise

Pranayama is complete breathing exercise which is a part of yoga. Those practising pranayamas feel energetic throughout the day. The practice of pranayama is beneficial in treating a range of stress-related disorders, relieving symptoms of asthma. It is also effective for depression cure. Benefits of Pranayama Certain pranayamas are excellent for weight loss Pranayamas shows […]

Surya Namaskar – Perfect Yoga Workout

Surya Namaskar or Sun Salutation a sequence of 12 yoga postures that provide a good cardiovascular workout.  Surya Namaskars are a good way to keep a body in shape. When you practice Surya Namaskar you will see some exceptional benefits all over your body. Will doing the regular practice of asanas there have health benefits like stomach, liver, […]

Weight loss asanas with variations in each asana

weight loss asanas variations

Let us start our Weight loss asanas journey with few more Asanas and some variations in that asanas. Variations in each and every asana you do, help you lose weight in every angle of your body. So, Let us start today’s journey of the Weight Loss with 6 Asanas where you have two standing asanas, […]

Healthy Living

When compared to Gym, YOGA is cheap and richest way of leading a healthy and happy life which lead to physical, mental and spiritual health. Yoga helps in building self-confidence, patience, and mental health, it is a form of exercise one can practice or do as a daily routine. You have many benefits of yoga, […]