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Ancient Diseases And Their Treatment


what are ancient diseases

Ancient Diseases And Their Treatment On any condition, which results in a disorder of a structure or function living organism in their lives that is not due to any external injury is called a disease, and people suffer from ancient times without sufficient treatment is called an ancient diseases.

Similarly, here we are going to explain about top five ancient diseases in ancient times where people will suffer from.

Top 5  ancient diseases that are actually Very common in the ancient world.

There are several diseases consists of ancient times. which include some major diseases also. Similarly, there are the five most ancient diseases suffer from old times to present living.

ChickenpoxChickenpox - ancient diseases

The virus caused by varicella-zoster. As well as in India, people namely disease as Gobri and it’s a mild illness for the people especially for children. who suffer from fever and pox.

Generally, treatment in ancient times for this disease is very rare. So that’s why people died at that time without sufficient treatment. according to measles, hence this disease is more viral then chickenpox.

InfluenzaInfluenza - ancient diseases

Influenza is the disease which infected people for thousands of years in ancient times.

This virus is isolated in 1933. Moreover, many people died of the disease before the years without any type of particular treatment.

TyphoidTyphoid - ancient diseases

This is a disease which is affected by Salmonella Typhi named bacteria.  Contaminated food and water and close contact with the infected person which would lead to cause typhoid.

In 424-430BC, the most devastating occurrence of typhoid happened in ancient Greece. There is insufficient treatment, one-third of the population died in Greece.

Malariamaleria - ancient diseases

This is one of the oldest disease infecting various spices from 300 years ago. People suffering from a heavy fever that leads to cause death .after a year 270BC, the person who named malaria for the disease is Nei Ching. Treatment for malaria discovered by Camillo Golgi in the year of 1906.

MeaslesAncient Diseases And Their Treatment

Measles is a disease that makes you feel sick, with a fever and cough.  Meanwhile, an Arab physician first identified that the measles which is different from smallpox or chickenpox in the 9th century.

People treated with some ancient remedies, that are actually failing. For the lack of treatment, many people died in ancient times.

Treatment for the diseases nowadays.

Now, Ancient Diseases And Their Treatment, these are the treatments presenting in this generation to treat the scary ancient diseases. Vaccine treatment can prevent chickenpox nowadays. This vaccines just help to relieve the symptoms.

For high-risk people, it will cure with anti-viral medication. An oatmeal bath can help to treat the virus as well. And for influenza, some medicines it will easily available in medical store to rid out the disease.

They are Tamiflu, Oseltamivir, amantadine, Coricidin HBP cold, and flu etc.., and for typhoid, some common drugs that treat the disease are Cipro oral, Bactrim ds oral, amoxicillin oral, and ciprofloxacin HCL oral. 

And for malaria, we can easily treat with Malarone, Plaquenil, doxycycline, and lumefantrine.etc.., and the final disease is measles. For measles, it can treat with acetaminophen and humidifier etc.

on early age, people ate meat to increase the nutrition on their daily food to prevent those diseases.

now, these are the ancient diseases and their treatments.

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